Zumba Top 3 Workout Tips for February

Zumba Top 3 Workout Tips for February

Zumba will heat you up! So our top 3 tips for February are related to maintaining your health, stamina, and maximizing your weight loss.

Zumba Health Tip #1 >> Hydrate

This intense dance workout will leave your body wanting. Be sure to hydrate with water or another healthy drink. You should skip the juice and other sugar based drinks which may give you a temporary boost in energy followed by a crash.

Zumba Health Tip #2 >> Eat a Small Meal

Try to eat a small meal or snack 1 to 3 hours before your workout to keep energized. The closer you get to our workout, the less you should eat. Be sure to eat another small meal after your workout if it is morning or afternoon. You may have already eaten dinner before-hand, so don’t eat too late. Eating before your workout will help keep you energized for your Zumba workout!

Zumba Health Tip #3 >> Don’t overdo it!

The Zumba dance party will make you feel amazing. Don’t overdo it though! If you sprain a muscle or injure yourself you will have to wait until your body heals again before you can get back into action and kick-it to the Zumba beats!

Bonus Zumba Pro-tip!

Kick-it in style with a new pair of Zumba brand Z-Kickz dance and workout shoes! These shoes will help you stay motivated, focused, and energized. Stay in shape and in style in your Zumba workouts.

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